Most Popular Tile Murals for 2022


Ceramic tile murals

Ceramic tile murals are decorative pieces made of ceramic tiles that are used to improve a room. Man has been using ceramic tile murals to beautify spaces for over 4000 years.

Ceramic tile murals. Perhaps because so many people around the world have spent so many extra hours at home over the past year and a half that their walls resemble the flora or fauna of their favorite vacation spot, which is good for health!

Ceramic tile is a hard, brittle substance composed of clay that comes in a variety of colors, forms, and sizes, as well as many glaze possibilities. It's a long-lasting material with properties like low water absorption and resistance to oxidation, abrasion, impact, and staining.

Most Popular Tile Murals for 2022


Baroque. Today, pure baroque and rococo are triumphantly returning to design. Today's trends are more classic, but bright, dramatic, and luxurious. For those who want to create a post-ironic design in the palace spirit, marble in delicate shades of beige and white is ideal, gloss, an insert with delicate mother-of-pearl with a classic floral pattern will allow you to create a personal Versailles and not be overloaded with excessive decor.

Textures and 3D effects

Textures and 3D effects. This is not a new trend, but with ever more advanced printing technologies, it is becoming easier to mass-produce impressive surfaces with textured and 3D finishes. This makes it easy to create interesting spaces in your home that are low maintenance and durable. Ceramic tiles are a spectacular material, the potential of which is growing every year. Thanks to modern technologies, companies can produce coatings of great decorative power without sacrificing functionality: from imitation of natural textures to strict graphics.

Today, ceramics can reproduce any patterns and textures, including high-quality imitation of natural textures. Patterns with onyx or marble streaks with the effect of strong approximation are in trend: the print enlarged many times becomes an art object in itself.

Throughout the history of ceramic tile murals, storytelling has always been a central theme. Ceramic tile murals conveyed stories of great wars, represented the opulence and riches of a person or people, or depicted some other important event to the time and/or place in ancient times and in historic fine art. Ceramic tile murals are large installations that greet visitors to commercial areas and places of worship. They reflect the character of the space or establish a message.

Most Popular Tile Murals

Hand made tile murals

The pronounced texture and authenticity of the wood pattern convey the feeling of manual work. Allowing you to create a cozy and elegant home space. Thanks to a special treatment, such tiles even feel warmer to the touch than traditional glazed ones.

Kitchens, baths, floor applications, pools, fountains, fireplaces, tabletops, and outdoor BBQs are just a few of the possibilities for these tiles.

Decorative ceramic tile adds visual interest to otherwise plain surfaces.