Things To Remember While Buying Moldavite Gemstone

 Gemstones fascinate us in many ways. They are wonderful gifts of nature that adorn our beauty and are known for their healing properties. One of the rare and most desirable gemstones in the world, Moldavite is an other-worldly beauty. The green-colored stone has excellent healing properties. Moldavite jewelry is so alluring and is always in demand. It is used in daily wear jewelry as well as statement accessories. There are so many things about the gemstone that will amaze you. Here are some of them:


  • It Was Formed As a Result of a Meteorite Impact: Moldavite was formed 15 million years ago. A huge meteorite crashed the mountains of Czechoslovakia. In the strewn field across central Europe, parts of rock then fell into areas around the Moldau river. These rock formations, later on, formed the gems Moldavite.


  • It Belongs to The Group of Tektites. These are natural glasses that are formed due to asteroid impact. These are glassy and often contain tiny bubbles. These are mineraloids and have no crystal structure.


  • Every Piece of Moldavite Is Unique: Every gemstone has got unique patterns and textures. It is formed under extreme heat and pressure. It is found in shapes of tears, dumbbells, spheres.


  • The Gemstone Is Only Found In The Czech Republic. Only a small amount of the gem is also found in Austria. These ones are brown.


  • The Crystal Has So Many Color Varieties. It occurs in yellowish-green, green, or greenish-brown. The gemstone is typically opaque; the transparent ones are pretty rare. Its quality is described as a regular or medium grade, where the regular ones have a darker color while the latter ones have high transparency and fern-like patterns.


  • Moldavite Is a Transformation Stone And Is Considered Extremely Powerful. One can feel intense heat when one hold the crystal for the first time. It is called “The Moldavite Flush.”


  • The Crystal Is Considered Useful At The Time of Meditation. Its energies will help you in spiritual awakening and healing. It will help you connect with the Higher Conscious.


  • Moldavite Is Also Known As “The Holy Grail Stone.”This is because it has the amazing energy to create positive change in life. It will bring you good luck and fortune and will also fulfill your wishes.


  • This Spiritual Stone Is Also Said To Align With The Heart Chakra. It helps remove all the blockages and heals the wearer for the past emotional traumas. It will also help you understand your partner’s love language, which will further make your bond stronger. The crystal also improves your other relationships with your near and dear ones.


  • It Is a Birthstone of Taurus that helps in keeping the stubborn nature under control and developing patience.


  • In South Bohemia, Czechs Believed That Every Man Who Wanted To Marry His True Love Had To Gift Her a Moldavite Ring. From here on, the gemstone became a symbol of love and also proof of man’s feelings for his love.


  • The crystal is said to accentuate the powers of other crystals as well.


  • It was also believed that Moldavite could help diagnose health issues of the wearer, much before the symptoms started showing. The gemstone was believed to boost the immune system.


  • In ancient Europe, around 25000 years ago, the Neolithic people of eastern Europe wore moldavite amulets believing it brought good fortune and fertility.

How To Style Moldavite Jewelry?

  • Moldavite is generally sold in its raw form. It shows the natural beauty of the stone and makes it quite unique. Choose this rough and rustic gem in a pendant or a necklace to give a statement style.
  • Moldavite rings are gaining popularity these days. They are also considered in engagement rings.
  • Moldavite bracelets also look elegant. At Rananjay Exports, you will find a wide range of designs in moldavite jewelry.
  • When choosing a moldavite necklace, you can either go for an individual necklace or a layered necklace for a more casual look.

How To Take Care of The Gemstone?

The gemstone needs to be protected from possible scratches, so store it carefully and don’t drop it. Store it in a cloth pouch that is padded and secured. Be mindful to keep it separate. To clean the gemstone, use soap water.

After a session, you might need to charge the gemstone. So, after you have cleaned it, place it under the moonlight, and then you can use it.

Where To Buy Gemstone Jewelry?

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